circle_right Sponsorship Program

Christ for The Nations Ministries Sponsorship Program.

Participating in alleviation of human suffering by seeking assistance to the needy and orphans in form of securing educational support, health care and Shelter . CNM supports children, orphans, vulnerable children and from poor families that have not had an opportunity for education and those that need health care . In partnership with men and women with compassion and passion to help and support orphans and vulnerable children Christ for the Nations Ministries would not only touch and transform lives today but will affect the world of tomorrow. Living in poverty, education is often a privilege that many children must live without. But through sponsorship, we are able to provide a quality education to those who are eager to learn but never had the opportunity.

circle_right Please if you feel to like Sponsoring a child don't hesitate to contact us through our contacts .

When you become a sponsor, you are connecting to a specific child in our program and will be able to build and nurture a relationship .
Through your love ,giving, and the gifts you are providing children ,the community, and other children in the program access to necessities like food, clothing, clean water, medical care, and an education. Most importantly, each program gives children the opportunity to hear the message that God loves them and has a unique purpose for each of their lives. Christ for the Nations Ministries believes that by investing in one child, you can change an entire community and ultimately the world.
Our Child Sponsorship Program is unique in that we help implement a variety of types of programs in impoverished communities to ensure they meet the specific needs of each community. This program with which we work with provide children with quality education and ensure that every child’s physical and spiritual needs .This includes items such as uniforms, books, supplies, and a daily meal and bibles .


Why Sponsor A Child?

  • Because we have discovered that sponsorship transform children’s lives and their communities.
  • Sponsored children are more likely to stay in school, attend university, and find stable employment.
  • Supporting children encourages, provides motivation and confidence during a child’s most formative years and lastly
  • Through sponsorship and child development, we are investing in future parents, teachers, and leaders. One life impacted can mean the difference for thousands more . . . one life can change the world.