Core Values

1. Glorify God-Christ Centered
We believe God gives the purpose, power, pattern and programs of all behavior and decisions. 2 Cor 8:19 .

2. Integrity
We believe that integrity is high in the ranking of Christian leadership core values is integrity. Christian leadership is crystal clear regarding honesty, transparency, and truthfulness .

3. Service before Self- Servant Leaders
We believe that servant leadership is embodied perfectly in the life and person of Jesus Christ. (Mark10: 45; cf. Philippians 2:3, 4; Matthew 7:33, Matt 20:26-28).

4. Loyalty
We believe in Leadership that is Loyal to God, submissive to local church leadership organization, value people and their calling .

5. Excellence
We adopt quality and excellence in all we do for the Lord and in the ministry we strive for greater efficiency. We believe that giving our best brings honor to God and inspires people. So we are committed to excellence in everything we do.

6. Adaptability and Innovation
We use the normal communication channels and dynamics of the target culture without destroying or diluting the absolute meaning of the gospel message. Using every available means at every available time to reach every available person for Christ. (1Cor 9:20,22,23}.

7. Compassionate and Peacemakers
We believe that lost people matter to God so we are committed to the evangelization of our community and the world. Luke 15, Matthew 18:14, 28:18-20