Leadership Institute


We, at CNM, as a Christian ministry, have been committed over the years to reaching out to sharing the gospel for  the salvation of human souls lost in sin with the message of Christ bringing hope through evangelism, national missions,  festivals, and University outreaches ,conducting  church leadership trainings across the nation and the region and our social educational programs .

It is in this regard that we plan by the grace of God step out in faith to setting up a leadership training center for church leaders ,professionals of Rwanda and around the region .This project shall be part of organisations strategy of equipping leaders.

These trainings become all the more necessary due to the challenging impacts of the leadership training gaps not only within our nation but in most countries . With recent pandemic which has had great impact itself has ending  up with literally closing down churches from parishioners. In this way, the pandemic has affected families, church youth, and church leaders themselves socially, emotionally, spiritually, and economically.

This has made us think more critically on the urgency of equipping leaders on how to cope up with such challenges as leaders in all areas of influence .

This leadership center will enable leaders and young people need to be impacted with the refreshing Word of God, challenged to review their ministerial visions , motivate , evaluate ministerial potential and to get a new perspective in ministry during global tragedies like the case of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Church leaders in Rwanda, have more challenges now and in future in that many have had their churches closed down due to national provision of law across the land, that calls on all leaders to gear up for higher stakes in church leadership. Therefore ,a need for trainings .

Christ for the Nations Ministries Leadership Institute shall raise ,train , equip mobilize and commission  adult men and women ,young emerging leaders in  all areas of church, the market place, and professionals.

These leaders shall be trained to capture leadership values and skills from biblical principles in order to impact their world.

CNM leadership training will equip these  leaders and professionals in these areas.

Our long-term vision is establishing a leadership institute in Rwamagana Eastern Province in Rwanda .

Our first step has been a purchase a proposed site for this.

We treasure your prayers , financial support and leadership development partnership as we start the challenging step of construction but together with God’s unlimited resources and God’s people we can accomplish much