Proclamation of the Gospel

Organizing evangelistic missions in co-operation with local churches

Our stratified evangelism is to ensure that all society is reached. In our Gospel meetings we want to see multitudes turning from the Kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and lives changed. We want to see God demonstrating his saving and redeeming love to His people. Our passion is to reach as many people as possible .We have had great opportunities of ministering to both urban and rural areas and in the neighboring countries .Yet there are more people to reach.

CNM has a plan to also mobilise and train young evangelists on how to reach their nations and communities with the gospel, on how churches should be challenged to establish child evangelism within their programs on how to reach out to children outside the four walled buildings, how battle is raging over hearts and minds of children, and how to disciple children as tomorrow's world.

With partnerships and available resources, trainings with experienced individuals we believe this will make tremendous change in our thinking to children's ministry.